About Kate

***As of May 2016, I am on maternity leave, but as soon as I return to work, I will post an update! ***

When I was a young teenager, my grandfather gave me my first SLR camera. Quickly taking an interest in its capabilities, I enrolled in all the photography classes my high school offered and spent more time in the darkroom than I did in the library. Like many teenagers, my friends and I developed an interest in fashion. A few of them wanted to be models so I helped create their modeling portfolios. One of those photos went on to win a Scholastic Gold Key award.

Photography remained a hobby as I trained and worked as a graphic designer throughout my late 20s. Having an architect as a father, I always had an appreciation for the field and decided to offer my photography skills to shoot his firm’s work. Shortly thereafter, my husband and I decided to move to San Francisco, and there I landed a position as an associate photographer for a well-respected architectural photographer, Russell Abraham. One of our main projects was researching and photographing stunning residential architecture across the US for his latest book, Rural Modern. In my spare time, I assisted on several baby and family shoots, with a very experienced photographer friend, Julie Cheshire.

Fast forward two years later, my husband and I decided to settle back in my hometown of Durham. We had our first child in October of 2013. I haven’t put down my camera since. I have always had a soft spot for baby photography, and once Carly was born I quickly realized why that was. It would be cliché to comment on how quickly babies change, but it truly is amazing the speed at which it happens. I want nothing more than to capture their every expression, whether it’s the utter peacefulness of a sleeping newborn, or a new dimple in the smiling cheek of an irresistible 9-month old.

I am an active member of Professional Photographers of North Carolina.


Thanks so much for stopping by my website and getting to know me a little better!  I hope to meet you and your little one soon!